Our Hives

Local, Raw, Cold Pressed Honey. At our core, we believe that the best honey is from your back yard, or at least as close as you can get to it. That's why all our honey is suburb specific and traceable back to the hives on each particular site.  

 Loganholme Hive

Loganholme Hive

This is Queeny, our very first hive, she is what sparked our passion in Regenerative Beekeeping. She can be sassy when she wants to bee! She is a great producer and all round great hive.  

Carbrook Hive

Carbrook Hive

Located on the banks of Native Dog Creek, our Carbrook bees forage on Melaleuca and eucalyptus flowers throughout the year. This makes for a great bush honey with high medicinal properties. 

Tanah Merah Hives

Located near the Murry's road environmental park. Our Tanah Merah hives tend to consistently produce a smooth caramel tasting honey that is perfect for the sweet tooth. 


Springwood Hive 

Our Springwood Hive is placed on the boarder of the Springwood bushland. these ladies get the best of both worlds, being able to forage both urban gardens and native bushland. This results in different flavoured honey depending on the season. 


Buccan Hives 

Situated on a semi-rural property in native scrub land, these Buccan beauties produce a dark rich caramel honey with hints of eucalyptus at times. This is a honey not to miss out on.