Buying My First Hive

If you're thinking about purchasing your own beehive, its important you buy the bees through a reputable registered beekeeper. Cheep bees and beehives are often created in haste and without care, so its important you ask some questions from the seller prior to exchanging any money. 
Questions you should ask when buying a hive;
  • Has there been any cases of AFB (American foul brood) in the apiary site?
  • Is the hive originally from a swarm?
  • Has the hive had chalk brood or EFB (European foul brood)
  • Are you a registered beekeeper? 
  • Is the queen new this season?
  • Is the queen from a queen breeder or raised in your apiary? 
  • Can I inspect the hive prior to purchasing. 

This information is critical in determining if the hive you intent to buy is healthy, disease free and has good genetics. 

The genetics of the queen bee will determine if you have a good or bad beekeeping experience. Queens purchased from an experienced breeder will ensure that the hive is calm and easy to work. If the hive is aggressive, the queen will need to be replaced. 

If you are interested in purchasing a hive from The Urban Bee Co, We are currently taking orders for spring 2022.