Our Story


Jaded with our consumerist lifestyle, and seeing how much plastic and food waste we were putting into landfill, as a family we decided there had to be a better way of living.

Now we can’t say everything happened overnight, nor should it, as that would only set you up to fail. Our journey was a gradual one, one that is still ongoing, it changes and evolves as we grow and connect more with our mother nature. But at our core, we believe that we can live a more sustainable life, one that limits our impact on the environment.

In the beginning, we did what every new-aged hippie wannabe does, we swapped out all our single use items for reusable and refillable ones. It was a great start and great to see the reduction of rubbish in our bin every week. My wife then began to make her own soap and shampoo which was awesome and diverted over 100 plastic bottles from landfill in just one year. 

This new direction we had embarked upon got us thinking, what is really important to us? what do we believe in? The answer was simple. We must leave this world in a better state then when we were given it!

We have to help our planet, else our children will suffer the consequences. This led us down the most important rabbit hole we have ever ventured into. One that would fundamentally alter our DNA, As Charles Massey or Charlie Arnott would describe as a paradigm shift in our beliefs. A simple philosophy that can change the worlds carbon emissions. Eat as much food as you can that’s grown locally, and grow some food yourself.

Good food, grown locally is the key to our longevity as a race of people, and as a community!  

With this in mind, our average looking grassed front yard soon made way for one raised garden bed to grow a little bit of veg in for us to eat.

This one raised bed soon turned into two, then three, then ten! And that’s just in our front yard. To accompany the beds, we planted a range of different fruit trees. Our aim is to produce 500kg of food this year from out urban farm.

“Yeh that’s all well and good, But I don’t have the room in my yard” is something we hear all the time. But the truth is, you don’t need a lot of space to grow food. Our entire block is under 700m2. From the balcony of your apartment block to your own back yard, regardless of size, I promise you, you have the ability to grow your own food. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Try growing one thing and I promise you, it will change your life.

During this adventure into urban farming, my wife bought me my first beehive for Christmas 2018. We were lucky enough to have a beekeeper friend who supplied our first hive and gave us a lot of guidance and support while we were still newbees.

We wanted one hive, to produce just enough honey for ourselves and friends. But we quickly fell in love with this little miracles of nature. The fact that 50 000 individual bees can collectively make decisions for the betterment of their hive is so amazing. Our bees gave us a better connection to the earth and the life we were striving to achieve. And then very quickly that one hive turned into 50 hives placed in people’s backyards all over town.

 Already disenfranchised with the modern industrial agriculture system, we soon came to realise that the commercial way of beekeeping did not gel with our belief system. So we watched a lot of youtube and read a lot of blogs on alternate ways of beekeeping. As with anything in life, they all had their positives and negatives. So we learnt, and trialled different method and developed some new methods ourselves.

We now have our own method of regenerative beekeeping. Built from a foundation of natural beekeeping, our method sees the health of the bees take priority over anything else. It means that we get less honey, in fact out hives produce only half of what commercial hives produce. Yet our process of cold pressed honey, frame rotation and the constant renewal of wax in the hive means that our bees are always happy and healthy, with a reduced residual chemical load that can build up in old beeswax. Our honey also tastes absolutely wonderful and we believe is better for your health.

 As we are always mindful of our core belief. That’s why we decided not to blend all our honey together, instead we opted to keep each hive location separate.

Every suburb tastes so different to each other. Each so beautiful on its own, it would be a disservice to our hard working bees not to showcase the wonderfully unique flavours of each hive. And so our suburb specific, cold pressed honey was born. Loved by so many, our honey is the manifestation of a journey filled with discovery and self-growth.

Have we finished our journey? Not by a long shot! Our Journey has only just begun. We are building and joining communities as we travel this new path and are looking forward to discoveries, challenges and adventures that await.