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ActivGrow Soil Improver 30L

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Healthy Yield Organic Soil Improver

Holds moisture to make  the most of every drop 

Environmentally friendly, fuss-free and perfect for improving the  health of tired soil, ActivGrow Soil Improver is a proven and simple  solution any gardener can use to make the earth the cultivate, and  live on, better for this and future generations. 

This potent product is supercharged with 16 active ingredients  including a blend of composted chicken manure, composted cow  manure, rich organic compost, clinker, zeolite, gypsum, calcium,  seaweed, molasses, silica, soft rock phosphate, sulphate of potash,  meat meal, bone meal, carbon, and active microbes.  

This ensures your plants are healthier, producing brilliant colour  and increased yields. All of these ingredients combine to create a  balanced nutrient rich growing environment to ensure spectacular  growth.  

ActivGrow Soil Improver is suitable for all garden types, but is most  popular for preparing vegetable gardens