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Cow Manure Plus 30L

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Cow Manure Plus  

An organic nutrient boost to enhance 

& sustain plant growth 

Plants flourish in Rocky Point low-odour Cow Manure because of its ability to simultaneously  increase water retention whilst boosting nutrient producing microbial activity. This dual action  effect is perfect for growing healthy veggies and is safe to use on any plant in your garden. 

Certified organic this enriched blend of composted, mature cow manure is a natural choice for any  gardener looking to grow healthy produce at home. 

Cow Manure Plus is crafted through a strict process where raw manure is blended with green  organics and composted over a 12-week process to eliminate bad bacteria associated with raw  manures. The inclusion of compost in the blend helps your plants uptake of nutrients over a longer  period of time. Once finished, each bag of fully composted Cow Manure Plus is active with over 600  million beneficial microbes per gram!